Elincou Diagnostics Ltd is a Medical & Scientific instrumentation, supplies and services company that was founded in 1999.

Our Mission

We focus on offering quality services and values, continuous investments in key technologies and a very well understandable deep technical documentation. Our skilled employees with great passion, are only some of the characteristics that allowed us to become a leader in this field. We provide safer, smarter and more energy-efficient medicine products, thereby creating a better experience for users.

Our Values

Leadership: Professional decisions to be taken with responsibility and seriousness.

Integrity: Honesty, transparency and maintaining high moral standards.

Our Values

Support: Encouraging our people, to achieve the best, based on their capabilities.

Excellence: Providing high quality services in an effective and efficient manner that exceeds expectations.


· The customer-centric approach, through respect and honesty in our relationships with customers and partners

· The quality of the products and services

· The adequacy at all levels

Elincou Diagnostics Ltd deals with the trade and services of, in-vitro diagnostics and scientific equipment, software and consumables as well as services of laboratorial analysis, since the year of its establishment, 1999.

The company is engaged with the import, trading, distribution and scientific and technical support of diagnostic equipment; equipment used in clinical laboratories of the Public Sector and in private laboratories, clinics, hospitals as well as laboratory analysis and software services. We also have consumables for blood sugar self-testing devices.

We are aiming to be the №1 provider of products and services in our field.

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